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Jan Suter has always lived on Tasmania's North West Coast.  She grew up at Togari, a small farming area created at the end of the Second World War and situated on the edge of the lush Tarkine Forest. Her parents, soldier settlers,* were dairy farmers... MORE >>

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Mobile: 0418 144 891

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"Beyond the Marram" is my latest exhibition at Rialto Gallery, 46 Wilmot St., Burnie.  Ph (03)64317718.  Running from February 28th till April 11th, 2015,  it features 6 new works of North West Tasmanian coastal scenes, including Boat Harbour, Sister's Beach, Table Cape, Robbin's Island and Nettle Bay. 

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Jan Suter has always lived on Tasmania's North West Coast.

She grew up at Togari, a small farming area created at the end of the Second World War and situated on the edge of the lush Tarkine Forest. Her parents were dairy farmers.

Jan attended Redpa Primary School and Smithton High School. Moving to finish her schooling in Burnie and Launceston, she began drawing classes in 1974 at Hellyer College and attended Art School in Launceston while completing a degree in education. She was the specialist art teacher at Table Cape Primary School for 7 years.

Jan began watercolour painting in 1988. She attended workshops with many local established watercolour artists and spent  hours experimenting with the medium, reading about and discovering the many different effects possible.



I am a professional Watercolour artist living in Wynyard, Tasmania. I retired from full time teaching in July 2014 to become a full time artist.

I have completed numerous commissions, and I find it quite heartwarming to be invited into other peoples lives to see and paint what is special to them. Then, to know they have given it to a loved one for a special occassion, makes what I do even more worthwhile.   

 I love to draw and for many years before I began using watercolours, drawing, exploring light and shade, black and white, using all forms of B pencils, was my favourite medium.  Learning to see colour using watercoulour was a very excititng transition. I'm still learning and still love it.

Tasmania has spectacular landscapes. It is a watercolourist’s dream.

Living on the North West Coast, I have easy access to the most beautiful coastline in the world—the grasses, rocks, birdlife, headlands and beaches all changing with the time of day and with the seasons.

When capturing the landscape, I want to freeze the moment, the mood of the elements and the actual objects in nature that excite me. Nature has given me a sense of renewal and wonder. I am driven by this passion to define the beauty of this island. I want to share with you its serenity and its majesty.

I try to capture the inexplicable meeting of extremes—the violence and beauty and the calm that follows.

Drawing is the most important element in my work. It is not just the technical skill associated with good draughtsman ship. I know that whatever the art form, a sculptural form or an art garment, it’s base is a good drawing. This is the foundation that determines the contours of my composition.

A good drawing teacher knows that the greatest challenge is the format of the page. This is why I have unified my vision of the landscape using a long rectangle, both in its vertical and horizontal manifestations.

The horizontal mimics the traditional landscape format but in my work, I see amazing new possibilities that are permitted through the format’s elongation.

But, what excites me the most, however, is the representation of the landscape framing the painting vertically. This challenge increases as I continue to explore oriental sensibilities.



1980 B.Ed, Art Major, College of Advancee Education, Newnham

Solo Exhibition

2018 "Favourites" Solo exhibition at Rialto Gallery Burnie

2016 "Headlands" joint exhibition with Anne OConnor, Still Water Gallery Restauratant, Launceston

2015 "Beyond the Marram",  Solo  exhibition at Rialto Gallery, Burnie.

2014  "Headlands" Solo exhibition at Reino's Tapas, Coffee and Catering Wine Bar, Burnie.

2012 "Littoral" an exhibition of Seascapes, Ghost Rock Vineyard

2010" Summer at Sister's", Rialto Gallery Restaurant

2010 "West of Burnie", Burnie Regional Art Gallery

2007 Tasmanian Living Artist Week "Coastlines", Ghost Rock Vineyard

2004 "A Coastal Journey", Josh's Cafe`, Wynyard

Selected Group Exhibitions

2010 "Colours of the Cape", Table Cape Tulip Farm
2005-2010 TasArt Awards, Burnie
2008 Wrest Point Casino Awards, Hobart
2006 Wonders of Wynyard Exhibition Space
2004 "As We See It.." Josh’s Café Wynyard
2001 Ten Days on the Island, Stanley Art Prize
1995 Ulverstone Art Exhibition
1994 Wynyard Tulip Festival

Selecte Achievements, Awards and Commissions

2002-2009 Curated 6 exhibitions for children at Table Cape Primary
2008 Private Commission, Robbins Island, NW Tasmania
2008 Installation, Wonders of Wynyard, Tommeginer People of Table Cape
2007 "Lighthouse Cluster of School" Children’s Exhibition
2006/2007 Commission, National Yachting Championships, WYC
2006/2007 Artist in Residence, Wynyard Tulip Festival
2005 "Turning Back to Tommeginer Time Exhibition"
2004 Initiated fine arts program at Table Cape Primary
2004 Private commission, Smith and Glover Law Firm Wynyard




Mobile: 0418 144 891

Studio/Gallery viewings by appointment.